Sunday, 26 June 2011

Don't know lol!


Ok so i completely forgot about what i am supposed to update haha! I had a whole list etc etc but instead im going to go with the flow!

Hong kong is great, life is great, people are great, i am great, food is great everything is just amazing! Gota live well and healthy to have everything come into place

I will soon be learning how to edit movies and make a video on youtube about my progress. So hopefully be a motivation for you.

Part 1 Motivation:

Every time I loose motivation i do 2 things. 1 i watch these 2 videos posted below

and 2 I always remember the pure reason i started..... and what motivates me most. Pride and Respect.

Think of it as this, you judge a book by its cover no matter what. Then you come to a conclusion when you read it, but the thing is you have to want to be attracted by the book. I guess what I am trying to say is, you have to work on yourself to make your cover more attractive to make others want to read it! But thats just me. Everyone is different, it will better you in every single way. You might not want to look AMAZING but trying will help you, because you took the 1st step in wanting to better yourself.

heres a saying i would like to share:

"As a human, I am imperfect.... i am not strong, I have alot of fear and i still have alot to learn, and alot to understand. Especially what is right and what is wrong. But as experiences have told me and can tell you. You can never stop improving yourself, to be a better person, there is always room for improvement. So always try to better yourself. I know I am. Make your others and me proud, and better yet make yourself proud....." - Dan C (wannabechamp)
but thats that! so yer lets try hit 10k!!! then we can get some youtube videos going :)!! Workout vids, interviews and many more!

But here are some pics of my atm

Still lean in hk! trying to bulk but its not working as much, but thats fine, when i get back into university
ill change it up a bit and put some weight on! I have also starting counting my calories!

Starting to get the V :) Note: Need to work my arms!

Wannbechamp Pose

Change of style! going for the geek! Hench geek here we go! (well wannabe hench haha)

Me and my big cousin! He treated me to a day out in china! <3
Will be seeing a bit more of him soon! He is a another project in getting himself
in shape! Difference is i am dedicating as much as i can and as much as he can
even throughout our busy lives to feed him the information he needs. Stay tuned!

Started to see that i bulked a bit! I fill up my friends T-shirt :) 

New look! and filling up the T's!! what its all about!
OK so last note ! next update i will be trying to make the motivation video for you all! lets see how it goes!

See you soon!
STAY HENCH, STAY TUNED! and lets hit that 10k! <3

When you get the physique, the opposite sex will also have the physique...
You try, she tries :)! x

Friday, 17 June 2011


I know these updates are a bit short, but they are more frequent :D so hope it cancels out haha

But i've decided to let my abs go... Bad times haha, especially whilst im in hong kong its gona be hard to keep them with the diet so heavy. So my aim is to bulk, hopefully bulk 1 stone in a month then cut when im back!

I still am looking for a gym to join and keep my muscles moving and under tension. But that will be after japan :) because im gona take a week rest and hit japan during that week. when im back ill join ad gym and lift but not seriously or heavy just enough to keep the motion going and not to be completely out of it when im back at home.

Anyway next update is more about my holiday. Its more of a post to let you all know we all need a break sometime in our lives... no matter what it is. Even from the things you love... Unfortunately ha..

But hope you are all well! Stay motivated and become the best you can be, achieve further than your own belief and aim high <3

Peace all!

*p.s i am trying to get a modelling job ha.... lets see if i get one this year!

Hope you all have aims too, post a comment about your goals you wished to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. 1 this helps me see that you guys are trying, and 2 its a reference point for you to look at. and maybe look back on and think i finally did it :D!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


So i got quite a few messages saying the video's dont work.

sorry about that, but here they are :)

and also ill be uploading photos of my hk journey! stay in tuned! remember we gota hit 10k views and ill start vlogging gym routines, diet, everyday life. My secrets :P! and much more!

anyway how you are all lifting, resting and having a good time ! :D

No Pain! No Gain!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hong Kong :D

So the next part of my life is to be heading to Hong Kong!! Woooooooo!

So yer hopefully it should be fun, will be there for a month. Still be training, but not intense!

Here are some photos Just to share that i've been taking :D

AND Keep spreading the blog to others, once we reach 10k views ill start making video's it will make things so much easier for you guys! but i gota know that people are interested in them so yer!

anyway here are some photos :D

Saturday, 11 June 2011



Update motivation picture hahn inspired me to upload

basically quick update. If you try, the opposite sex will try...

Looks attract, personality keeps. Remember that....

but yer working out gives you better opportunities with women...

And no this does not mean you get her, its just an insight =P she's mine

Friday, 10 June 2011

Quick Update


Here's a quick update!

I am now sponsored by
So if your near me I can get you it discounted as I now work for them. If you are further away please buy from this company and refer my name "Dan Cheung" it will help keep this blog going and keep the motivation for me and you :)!

So i promised ill upload some gym photos here are me and my friends!
and vids of us having fun at the gym!
Me Working hard

We mess around alot haha which gun is bigger ;) haha

Me and my friend in the gym haha both getting bigger

My mate who takes me to the gym, hes very strong! Hench

Supplements :)


Here are a few things I get asked ALOT

1st of all what supplement you take?
2) What is the best?
3) Whats good for bulking?
4) What's good for prework out?
5) whats creatine?

ok lets just break this down i don't know everything but this is what I have learnt so far.
1) I take creatine, usn hyperbolic and soon be moving onto Lazernutrition bulk and bcaa (
Quote "Dan Cheung" as it will help with my referal and keep this blog going :)

Why do i take these? Because i want to bulk up and keep going until i have hit a comfortable weight then get lean. But i will never loose my abs i will keep doing them and eating clean.

2) Best? there is no best, there is only ones that work for you... but most of the time its down to diet supplements just enhances it and helps you get there quicker.

3) I've stated this a protein shake with High in carbs... to keep energy levels high ! Your daily protein intake is usually just about enough to heal your muscles including the protein shake. Once you get bigger then you need more protein... but thats a whole other discussion. But for now CARBS

4) Jack3d is selling really well with me so have a try out on that, a second one i reccomend is prework out supplement :)

5) Creatine... there is alot of different types. But mainly its just water weight to help you sustain more weight to push heavier!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

quick update :)


Hey guys quick quick update :) ill make a better update soon later this week
sorry its been a while just had my birthday so a day to relax and plan out a good night out. Thanks to all who came :)

I will try get some photos soon of me and my friends that i train with just to let you guys see how hench they are haha. And a quick message to ya'll

I am working with a new company soon to be selling some new supplements so message me and ill get you some discount :)

been very tired lately and haven't been able to lift heavy and feeling lazy. quick tip is to just do a light warm up keep going keep sweating and the workout will get better and better :)

Quick plans
1) Passed 2 interviews to become a personal trainer, will be taking the course next year
2) become a fitness model
3) even though its summer season i am back on the bulk, my abs always stay anyway
4) Looking for a ginnie pig to transform soon and charge em like a 10ner p/h and just tell them everything i know and work my hardest with them to get the physique i want and make them part of my blog
5) one i hit 10,000 views i will start vlogging on youtube with a new camera :) and tips and videos of my workouts
6) alot of you are asking me question sorry if i am delayed in replying but i will get to you asap :) so just hold on tight haha

anyway see you all soon

heres a quick photo to get you all motivated :) made it myself its my background pic

and also a quick time lapse photo will upload later peace guys