Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hi all!

SO today was a bit of a failure day

but NOT TO BE BEATEN it was a lesson well learnt,

I also did very well on another excercise

so it was leg and shoulders today, and for those who are interested this was the workout

Squat 4-5 Sets
Deadlift 4 sets
Leg press - 4 sets
Glute machine where you lie face down and curl up with your legs - 3 sets
Shoulder press superset with side raises
Clean and press with front raises

and to finish superset of non stop abs.

But where i succeded was a 140kg deep squat and failed on 180kg.....

Yes i failed, but i am happy because i tried to attempt, attempt even when today was not a day where I am feeling great it was psychological problem, i tried my best thats all i can do and say

ITs all about giving it 100% i did and im fine with it, i will be able to push the weight and try harder next time.

on top i have an injury and broke my friends Dr. Dre beats not cool but i will fix up and fix his beats and MEND EVERYTHING AND BECOME THE BEAST THAT IS AWAITING ME!

I will not give up!


Sunday, 14 October 2012

So yeah heres an update....

A few pictures of my gains and a little poem or speech I don't know lol,

anyway here

So yesterday I did a compound day,
It was my day to release, to relax, to give it my all, to better myself in the place I call my sanctuary....
It was a tough time keeping my motivation but its here to stay.
Time ticks second by second, it does not wait for me,
I must grasp what I have be grateful of it and use it to my potential.
My max deadlift was 170kg....
I reached the limit and became an animal...
I lost myself
My concious was gone for those reps.. ALL that was in my mind was to LIFT with good form and nothing else...
The normal, "ahh my body is giving way" or "fuck maybe 1 more rep?" was not in my head, but to do the best I could do or die now where I am now, where I stand... 
If I die today so be it, I was where I wanted to be, not being afraid and clinging on to life and working around the obstacles.... but taking them as they hit me full on front.
I will not stop,
I will not quit,
I will succeed,
I will get there,
And I will be the one to be a champion.

The animal within has been awaken and I don't care if you think I am an idiot, or your better than me or if you think I'm a rookie.. but what I know is I have my heart and soul in this.

I thank you for you support

Happy Lifting....

- Daniel Cheung