Wednesday, 23 January 2013

First Post!

Diet for gaining weight (The Fundamental)
The fundamental of dieting is sticking to it, too many say oh I forgot my meal or I dono what to make or whatever crap to come up with.
The real deal is no-one is going to feed you, no one is going to make the meals for you and sure as hell no one is going to buy your food.
So you got to think do you want this or not? If you do then make sure you eat.
Eat consistently about 5 times a day spaced between 2-3 hours and fairly healthy (reason being I believe you have to balance the fats as well so a treat day once or twice a week is fine) it’s down to your opinion.
Here is the basics, your meals should have a portion of carbs, protein and vegetable this is your fundamental breakdown. Don’t worry about iron, red meat, white meat, which digest better and all this nonsense, it’s all useless if you can’t even get the monumental foundation right. So get this right see some progress and when you’re ready then take the next step, do not try to run before you walk it will never happen.
Something I normally have on a normal day would be;
Morning having  around 7:30 when I get to work - oats with blueberrys 2 bannas an 5 eggs,
10:30 Protein shake
12:30-13:00 lunch will be chicken breast rice and broccoli the standard boring meal
16:00 Peanut butter jam sandwich
Get back around 5 have a pre workout shake and have and apple and banana for the sugars and carbs,
19:30 post shake
Come back for dinner around 8 and eat Steak, Chicken or Pork Chop with rice/potatoe and vegetable <- the basics there.
Casien shake around 22:00
So you see that I have 3 main meals which has the fundamentals and 2 snacks and the breakfast is the heaviest as for me if I have a good breakfast it digests well throughout the day and I gym well, everyone’s different find what works for you
If your looking to loose weight do a similar diet but exclude some of the carbs and replace them with something more suitable, keep the morning and lunch carbs and the rest you decide.
Thank you and hope  you enjoyed listening to me blabber on.