Friday, 26 August 2011

Will be posting a guideline

Well I'm back in the gym, weights coming back nicely! 

I will be setting a guideline for you guys on what to do at the gym, and  will do some nice short video's with my friend when we have some time.

But quick note. 
Main thing is, you got to start.... If you don't wanna start at the gym straight away which is fair enough just do exercise everyday. Run, press up, sit ups the list is endless.

My quote
"Don't give up,
Don't make excuses,
Every time you give up, Every time you cheat.
Just makes it easier for me to catch up or overtake...."

So your choice! Work hard and catch up or overtake.

Achieve your goals with hard work

Great things don't come easy..... Pain is nothing just weakness leaving the body.... Something i read off at mma training

Just get started! 

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