Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Heres a quick post

ARM workout will upload videos of them later, i have them just need to put them together

so Arm day, When im in uni i dont have arms day, but back at home i do.. routine changes with my different gym partners.

Well here is a typical Arm day.

Dumbell bicep curl
1 set light, slow and about 10-14 reps to get the blood flow

3 sets increasing weight as much as i can. 8-10 reps.

3 sets, 10 reps

Bicep curl with the easy bar
3 sets 10 reps

and then cables
ill name this cable 1, which is where you use the long bar attached to the bottom and do curls from there

cable 2, where you use both sides and do curls.

will uplaod a video to explain this better

and finish with smith machine curls
3 sets 10 reps

all of these are 3 sets 10 reps with the weights increasing as much as i can, but i try my best to get 10 reps, if not take a little spot from your spotter or your other arm if you are doing single curls.


Rope pull down on the cables
3 sets 10 reps

single arm cable pull down
3 sets 10 reps

skull crushers
3 sets 10 reps

sideways single arm cable pull down
3 sets 10 reps

This is just a arm workout i have been doing to try work on my arms alot more, as they are a weak part of my body, say compared to my back.

If you are just starting off i suggest you only do 2-3 exercises listed above to help you slowly get into the routine.

Hope this helps

Videos of these excercises up in the next update

Friday, 26 August 2011

2 weeks back in !

Will be posting a guideline

Well I'm back in the gym, weights coming back nicely! 

I will be setting a guideline for you guys on what to do at the gym, and  will do some nice short video's with my friend when we have some time.

But quick note. 
Main thing is, you got to start.... If you don't wanna start at the gym straight away which is fair enough just do exercise everyday. Run, press up, sit ups the list is endless.

My quote
"Don't give up,
Don't make excuses,
Every time you give up, Every time you cheat.
Just makes it easier for me to catch up or overtake...."

So your choice! Work hard and catch up or overtake.

Achieve your goals with hard work

Great things don't come easy..... Pain is nothing just weakness leaving the body.... Something i read off at mma training

Just get started! 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Quick photos

Been working everyday so no time to update, will update soon but here

I got really weak droped bench from 80kg to 40kg dumbels from 37 to 27
weight droped from 76 to 68

will update thoroughly soon

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Made a quick update before i start going back

RIGHT finally back in the uk! Been 2 months in the hk now was fun fun fun, met loads of people but time to hit reality stuff it up and work.

Man I HAVE LOST WEIGHT I am actually distorted when i looked in the mirror properly the other day.
I am ashamed but i had my 2 months play, i will upload some photo's soon... But it hasn't stopped my motivation I believe that within 1-2 months I can get back into shape and be on par with myself lift heavy and feeling heavy.

Well stay tuned photo's coming soon.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

so been out of it!

literally been out of it for nearly 2 months, seeing i stopped at 15th june and haven't done serious training.
I can feel myself loosing weight and become weaker

HOWEVER my point i want to put out is that all my hard work didnt go to waste, it proves to me that it was all natural and has meaning to it. Because i still look the same on par its just mentally and how i know my body!
It's not how everyone says it, you  take protien or blah blah you loose it after like 2 weeks, its been nearly 8 and im still pretty same size. I know that if i dont go back into training i will feel even worse than i do now.

I've just been so lazy here waking up at bad times, sleeping bad times not eating clean, drinking the lot!
but i think its a treat for my hard work not a cheat but a treat.

So my break ends soon and back to training! Vid's coming soon sorry takes long 1 i suck at it 2 i dont have time haha

well anyway ill be doing another big jump progress soon! will be comparining myself from when i get back to december. my goal is to be 80 by the end of the year. Not just 80 with fat, 80 with less that 10% bf maybe 8.3 again.

anyway if you have time check hanhs blog, he inspires me every time i look at it!