Tuesday, 2 August 2011

so been out of it!

literally been out of it for nearly 2 months, seeing i stopped at 15th june and haven't done serious training.
I can feel myself loosing weight and become weaker

HOWEVER my point i want to put out is that all my hard work didnt go to waste, it proves to me that it was all natural and has meaning to it. Because i still look the same on par its just mentally and how i know my body!
It's not how everyone says it, you  take protien or blah blah you loose it after like 2 weeks, its been nearly 8 and im still pretty same size. I know that if i dont go back into training i will feel even worse than i do now.

I've just been so lazy here waking up at bad times, sleeping bad times not eating clean, drinking the lot!
but i think its a treat for my hard work not a cheat but a treat.

So my break ends soon and back to training! Vid's coming soon sorry takes long 1 i suck at it 2 i dont have time haha

well anyway ill be doing another big jump progress soon! will be comparining myself from when i get back to december. my goal is to be 80 by the end of the year. Not just 80 with fat, 80 with less that 10% bf maybe 8.3 again.

anyway if you have time check hanhs blog, he inspires me every time i look at it!

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