Wednesday, 11 May 2011


DIET i think the best way to go through this is just post pictures :) see for yourself haa


Diet is the most important part. Supplements are too in my opinion they help me with my timetable.
People say they do nothing blah blah, all natural all the way its all personal preference. If i had the time yer sure natural but i simply just don't have the time to cook that many meals as i am already. Plus its just a boost to help me with my nutrition.

Every little helps.....

But here hope you enjoy looking at my food! I've lately changed it up a bit more cause i am trying to really pop my abs out as posted before.

Being Chinese I LOVE SUSHI so here haha nothing wrong with fat and protein from fish! 

I love mayo but you shouldn't have it but once or twice is ok. But no more! hah

Any questions just ask up :) I will do a supplement post next along with Chest

i also pressed 35kg :) boom! now im stopping strength gains and going for looks! really need to look the part now! 

Have a great day guys ! :) 

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