Sunday, 8 May 2011

An update of work and Abs!


Just a quick note i've been looking at Scott hermans fitness and there is quite alot to learn
take a few mins and have a look

I have recently started offering to take people on to train them as I believe my progress is quite good. Part of gaining 16kg in the space of 3 months of dedicated hard work.

- To be a personal trainer
- To be working with a company to sell supplements, so that people get the best out of it. Too many supplements these days are just bogus!
- To start off my youtube channel for supplements, working out etc
- Help as many people as possible!
- Compete in MMA
- Compete in Body Building

Progress to these aims
- I have planned out to become a personal trainer next summer when I can save enough money along side university. However I still have people hiring me out to train them which is a great start. Hopefully soon on this blog you will see their transformations too!
- I have an opportunity to be working along side a company to promote even more supplements than I am now, and a chance to also add videos about supplements on my youtube channel that i will get started up soon.
-Once my exams are over i will be working on my channel as much as possible. I have alot of ideas for this.
- Well i have already helped few people, i would like to help even more, only if its one more. It still someone!
- Competing for MMA I will work really hard in the summer and at Uni to train for a competition whenever I can. Next year would be great!
- One I have done my MMA competitions i would like to completely body build for a while to achieve 1st place in a competition :)!

I hope you all have aims, as they push you through life to better yourself.

heres a quick quote for you that I came up with:
"As a human, I am imperfect, i am not strong, I have alot of fear & i still have alot to learn, and alot to understand. Especially what is right and what is wrong. But as as life goes on you will understand, You can never stop improving yourself, to be a better person, there is always room for improvement. So always try to better yourself. I know I am. Make your others and me proud, and better yet make yourself proud." - Dan C

Hope this a lesson for you as much as it is for me :)


Abdominal Muscles!
Well I will do a post about it more in detail but for now as I am quite busy with exams and selling supplements.

I have a good friend of mine who has pretty good abs, actually alot of my friends do but i've started to work harder to pop my abs out. I believe i have abs, but they aren't amazing.

So i am now working on getting them really big and popping them out, i've changed my diet, my supplements and what i am taking to achieve this goal.

But here are some photos for now and then in about a couple of weeks ill upload them again. As abs grow quite quickly but they also go quite quickly aswell.

Quick note Everyone has abs, also abs show alot in photos due to lighting, skin colour and angle of the photo. You cannot see my abs well if you look straight on and different angles but i have espcially taken them like this because i know I have my abs and i can feel it. So i will try my best to take photos in the same lighting and angle for comparison photos to make everything fair.

My abs back a couple of months ago when I started (January / Febuary some time)

couple of weeks ago

Couple of weeks ago

Now, my abs have gone a little but either way doesn't mean anything that's roughly what they look like now

As for another update i have set myself targets I want to be able to shoulder press 30kg and chest press 40 by June the 5th

Target abs and chest

Next update will be about diet, as alot of you have asked me about it.

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