Friday, 28 October 2011

Motivation pic for you...

The only true person to me to tell me about my physique is the mirror.....
 Don't listen to the 'nay sayers' and don't listen to the people who flatter you...
 Sometimes the path you choose may be lonely....
 but stick to it ....Be real with yourself and achieve whats rightfully yours....
 'Friends may come and go, but 200lbs will always be 200lbs'

Sunday, 23 October 2011



So yer lets get hench! i;ve been re-motivated haha

LISTEN to that and you will want to lift become someone no-one else can compare! become an animal

and also take a second and look i got my shout out from hanhchampion which also reminded me that i did come a long way, not just in my mind but others too!

on top

here is a update on my life with my friends in the gym

if there is anything you want me to update on feel free to msg me, i've been so busy and dead on this blog i want to try make is up again

find me on facebook and ask away!

sometime the path you choose, might be lonely but its worth it in the end....

SQUATS! physical!! 

This is my gym mate! been gyming with him from the start! 


I'm getting there! need more mass 

im getting there 

My Girlfriend <3 

Animal.... this dude tricep close grips 100kg...
GET CORNFLAKES TO GET HENCH haha ... we just like to have a laugh
lifes to short to hate and be miserable haha

REMEMBER to hit me up if you want any supps :) !!

Im getting stronger heres a few stats
Dumbell single arm hammers, 22.5kg 6 reps each arm
30kg shoulder press 6 reps
85kg bench press! 
37.5kg dumbell press 6 reps
tricep close grip bench 70kg
squat 110kg
deadlift 90kg
lat pull down 65kg
back barbell row 50kg
bicep barbell (long bar) 40kg

If you have any questions or whatever, such as excercises supps etc msg me :)

Saturday, 15 October 2011


yer basically i've lost motivation haha erm bad times, been going gym but just lifting not pushing myself not eating clean its bad....
ive been so busy with dance academy, mma, uni and sorting events out here and there!!!

i will get back into it!!!!!!!!! if you want to keep updated my fb, twitter etc are posted just add and follow ill happily accept :)

anyway im trying to  get my motivation back ill post when it happens!!!!!!!!!! STAY TUNED GUYS!