Saturday, 28 May 2011



I think this is just a ramble but maybe you can learn something from it haha

TRAINING! Back at home, alot alot and ALOT of distractions alot of friends, alot of things to do. JUST ALOT haha

But at the end of the day i know my goals, so i have to set my priorities straight. I've started training with my mate and his mate. Man they are a good inspiration and a good work out partner.
Deffo a lesson, if your on a journey to getting big not only do you need a good workout partner who knows his form and his stuff. It definitely helps when they are around the size you want to get to.
Was a really good shoulder workout today. New routine and new exercises! good to shock  the muscles. Been a while. But a thing i like to know is if you keep a sweat on then its a good workout. Especially when there is 3 of you and your still sweating. Deffo bonus!

Anyway I am going for lean growth now seeing as it is the Summer season. Abs is important to me! cause its motivation.

Next update will be a bit better, be about my progress. And hopefully a few photos of my mates working out just to give you guys an insight of who im working out with haha!

Anyway here are a few updated pictures, Kinda makes me laugh but check it out haha

Start off

4 Week (Started to work on laxs)

5/7 Week (Started to work lower back)

8/9 week (Working on defining back)

10-12 week (Got a better V and more defined)

13-14 week (Still defining and trying to get bigger)

I love this pose! I'll call it the *wannabechamp pose* haha! don't care if people do it. Thats what it is for me! :)!

I haven't really uploaded any front photo's, 1 because too many people rate it. and 2 i just love working back haha

But here is the progress on the front

Way before i started when i was procrasinating

Just before i started weighing at 58kg!

4 Weeks in! 

4 Weeks in (I noticed my chest and abs need more work)

6-7th week (realised abs went a little, but chest is coming along)

Got a bit better pop out abs, better traps but need more chest and arms!

Me and my friend posing, shows i need to work on my arms alot more, yet again upper chest
it takes a long time to build chest so im not in a rush, patience is the key!

Chest is coming along! getting the line. Also i have the triangle gap, but it wont stop me trying to
fill it out! 

My arms are slowly coming along, however i have missed shoulders in order to do this

Abs are coming along, Its more due to the lighting! but they have deffo got stronger and better

Upper chest slowly coming along

Everything finally paying off, just need to get a better V, ill take a pic next time
Upper chest got better, traps, shoulders abs and arms. (still need to work on my arms though)
Weighing at 74kg!


Last note! REMEMBER Form is very important. Its not what you lift, its how you lift. At the end of the day your doing it to improve your physique so who give's a shit what you lift. Get it right, THEN start going heavier!

ANYWAY Big update but hope you enjoyed it. Have AN awesome day! Cause i know i will. I WILL be training training and OH training! haha!

Thursday, 19 May 2011



EXAMS ARE OVER haha, finally a time to relax and get everything sorted. Been revising intensely had a hard time in getting to train and eat. But I was able to stay motivated and dedicated as much as i possibly could.
I am now back on it to training hard

i've been able to keep my abs and everything, but will upload another update soon

been looking at courses for personal training.

If anyone is interested in getting trained just message me :)!
taken the 1st step to read, take the 2nd and just ask!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


DIET i think the best way to go through this is just post pictures :) see for yourself haa


Diet is the most important part. Supplements are too in my opinion they help me with my timetable.
People say they do nothing blah blah, all natural all the way its all personal preference. If i had the time yer sure natural but i simply just don't have the time to cook that many meals as i am already. Plus its just a boost to help me with my nutrition.

Every little helps.....

But here hope you enjoy looking at my food! I've lately changed it up a bit more cause i am trying to really pop my abs out as posted before.

Being Chinese I LOVE SUSHI so here haha nothing wrong with fat and protein from fish! 

I love mayo but you shouldn't have it but once or twice is ok. But no more! hah

Any questions just ask up :) I will do a supplement post next along with Chest

i also pressed 35kg :) boom! now im stopping strength gains and going for looks! really need to look the part now! 

Have a great day guys ! :) 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

An update of work and Abs!


Just a quick note i've been looking at Scott hermans fitness and there is quite alot to learn
take a few mins and have a look

I have recently started offering to take people on to train them as I believe my progress is quite good. Part of gaining 16kg in the space of 3 months of dedicated hard work.

- To be a personal trainer
- To be working with a company to sell supplements, so that people get the best out of it. Too many supplements these days are just bogus!
- To start off my youtube channel for supplements, working out etc
- Help as many people as possible!
- Compete in MMA
- Compete in Body Building

Progress to these aims
- I have planned out to become a personal trainer next summer when I can save enough money along side university. However I still have people hiring me out to train them which is a great start. Hopefully soon on this blog you will see their transformations too!
- I have an opportunity to be working along side a company to promote even more supplements than I am now, and a chance to also add videos about supplements on my youtube channel that i will get started up soon.
-Once my exams are over i will be working on my channel as much as possible. I have alot of ideas for this.
- Well i have already helped few people, i would like to help even more, only if its one more. It still someone!
- Competing for MMA I will work really hard in the summer and at Uni to train for a competition whenever I can. Next year would be great!
- One I have done my MMA competitions i would like to completely body build for a while to achieve 1st place in a competition :)!

I hope you all have aims, as they push you through life to better yourself.

heres a quick quote for you that I came up with:
"As a human, I am imperfect, i am not strong, I have alot of fear & i still have alot to learn, and alot to understand. Especially what is right and what is wrong. But as as life goes on you will understand, You can never stop improving yourself, to be a better person, there is always room for improvement. So always try to better yourself. I know I am. Make your others and me proud, and better yet make yourself proud." - Dan C

Hope this a lesson for you as much as it is for me :)


Abdominal Muscles!
Well I will do a post about it more in detail but for now as I am quite busy with exams and selling supplements.

I have a good friend of mine who has pretty good abs, actually alot of my friends do but i've started to work harder to pop my abs out. I believe i have abs, but they aren't amazing.

So i am now working on getting them really big and popping them out, i've changed my diet, my supplements and what i am taking to achieve this goal.

But here are some photos for now and then in about a couple of weeks ill upload them again. As abs grow quite quickly but they also go quite quickly aswell.

Quick note Everyone has abs, also abs show alot in photos due to lighting, skin colour and angle of the photo. You cannot see my abs well if you look straight on and different angles but i have espcially taken them like this because i know I have my abs and i can feel it. So i will try my best to take photos in the same lighting and angle for comparison photos to make everything fair.

My abs back a couple of months ago when I started (January / Febuary some time)

couple of weeks ago

Couple of weeks ago

Now, my abs have gone a little but either way doesn't mean anything that's roughly what they look like now

As for another update i have set myself targets I want to be able to shoulder press 30kg and chest press 40 by June the 5th

Target abs and chest

Next update will be about diet, as alot of you have asked me about it.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Quick Update

05/06/2011 Quick message + Update


its something everyone says you should do and you know what its true but I just haven't got round to it. That can be my excuse lol
But either way you should deadlift squat and bench the biggest 3 that everyone insists you do. And there is a reason.

But just updating a few more pictures due to more definition !

Lighting can make such a difference :P hahaha so i played around with it a little

So here a quick note down on myself, Working on my lower back, need bigger biceps. and then to work harder on my abs to get them to pop out more. However you can see a front photo, but I am trying to work on my chest more. I want to be able to chest press 40kg by my birthday! Set a target SHOOT for it and achieve! WORK for it !! :)

sometimes in life you just gota get up and go do it yourself. "Ain't nothing to it, but to do it" - Ronnie Coleman

Ill take a front photo soon! and put a comparison up

I've been really busy with uni so not training 100% but I'm still trying.

Also Hahn if your reading this be great to work out sometime haha! and upload some more videos man! its been quiet!

P.S UK Supplements pm me I sell them :)

Monday, 2 May 2011



New photos, thought i'd upload some photos of me and my progress

Its pretty cool to see the big difference between when i started and 3/4 months later

I've been slacking for 2 weeks and back on to gym this week. It was my rest back at home which was deserved but play times over! Time to work!

Summer soon but enough from me

Pain is temporary Pride is Forever