Friday, 6 May 2011

Quick Update

05/06/2011 Quick message + Update


its something everyone says you should do and you know what its true but I just haven't got round to it. That can be my excuse lol
But either way you should deadlift squat and bench the biggest 3 that everyone insists you do. And there is a reason.

But just updating a few more pictures due to more definition !

Lighting can make such a difference :P hahaha so i played around with it a little

So here a quick note down on myself, Working on my lower back, need bigger biceps. and then to work harder on my abs to get them to pop out more. However you can see a front photo, but I am trying to work on my chest more. I want to be able to chest press 40kg by my birthday! Set a target SHOOT for it and achieve! WORK for it !! :)

sometimes in life you just gota get up and go do it yourself. "Ain't nothing to it, but to do it" - Ronnie Coleman

Ill take a front photo soon! and put a comparison up

I've been really busy with uni so not training 100% but I'm still trying.

Also Hahn if your reading this be great to work out sometime haha! and upload some more videos man! its been quiet!

P.S UK Supplements pm me I sell them :)

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  1. nice back bro.......size on man go bigger