Monday, 4 July 2011

I think its time

I think its time i upload something a bit different other than motivation.

So something for you to learn... I'm just going to ramble on about some knowledge I know about weight lifting and how I got to where I am now.
Motivation pays a big part, However

The most important part of weight lifting is not "WHAT you lift", Its "HOW you lift".
lift it correctly, correct form and stay sufficient to the weight. I see to many guys worry about what they lift... Get it right THEN go heavy otherwise your not getting your maximum growth.

So on that note i want to put in a quick message. 5 Exercises I slowly learnt about, and agree are simply the best. They are not in any specific order but here we go.

1) Pull Ups. I for one SUCK at pull ups. But i am now trying my best to improve as its simply one of the best back exercises there is, its your body weight, your form and works your back to the max without injury!

2) DEADLIFT. Be careful on this exercise its very dangerous as you can injure your back and never weight lift again. Start light and work your way up SLOWLY, thats what i believe. Dealift is a compound exercise meaning it works the full body, produces testosterone to make you more pumped and it gives your back a good definition as you can see in my previous updates it definitely works.

3) Squats! Squats are amazing, gives you a good pump. They are a compound, works your legs well produces testosterone, and also when you do leg workouts it produces growth hormones. So remember to include leg workouts in! LEGS LEGS LEGS! SAY NO TO SKINNY LEGS! It will help you improve your bench and many other exercises as the balance of your body and root of your power.

4) Dumbell press! For me my chest is very small and has a lot to work on! Biggest part is that i have a gap in my chest that i am trying to still today trying to fill up! Dumbell press helps this, for one you have to control the weight, the balance, the form and generally the overall movement! Helps to even the strength in the arms and chest if you ever had this problem.

5) Last but not least. But also the most important! not and exercise but a lesson. STRETCH! YOU have to stretch! stretch those muscles for growth, for relaxing your muscles and warming them up for the heavy session that your going to input that 100% in!

i think thats a quick elaberation on them. i can go into it alot more detail but letme know what you want to update on next. I get questions on fb and email, sorry i can't reply all the time. But post here and it gives me a chance to read it and on the next update i will hopefully answer any questions you have.

Quick answer to someones question i got asked
"dude i got some questions i dunno how to post on your blog but it was on my mind so hear u go

1. Is it true that Working out and getting buffer is good for depression
2. when planking to work on abs, by lifting your feet up (e.g put them on a foot stall) help or is this just no difference :)"

I'm not a scientist so don't hate my answers haha.

I generally believe that working out is good for anything. For one its keeping yourself fit and keeping disciplined. As for depression I think it would be, one on the hormones side, and also the fact that as you gym you will enjoy it, you will learn to love it and you will FEEL amazing once you achieved what your goal is. From the weight you want to lift to the physique you want to get.

As for abs... this goes so in depth and so much to learn. if you ask me there is alot of variations to alot of ways of lifting weights and blah blah blah. To me I just work my abs normally, stick to the basics, work hard and you will get what they are meant to do. All these variations just puts certain tension on other parts of the body and less on others, and to be honest it's pretty bullshit lol. So hope that answers it. Just plank normally for a min and work up to 3 mins and your abs will pop out slowly! eat clean stay clean!

i will upload a progress photo of me soon, my arms have finally got a bit bigger! yay!~ the long wait paid off haha!


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  1. Chest gap is down to genetics dude :( the way the muscle fibers in the chest extend is horizontal not vertical, so whereas you can indeed improve on upper/mid/lower pectorals via the 3 main forms of bench, there is no way to work the outer or inner chest specifically, despite the saying that if you really 'squeeze' you can work the inner pecs ><