Friday, 10 June 2011

Supplements :)


Here are a few things I get asked ALOT

1st of all what supplement you take?
2) What is the best?
3) Whats good for bulking?
4) What's good for prework out?
5) whats creatine?

ok lets just break this down i don't know everything but this is what I have learnt so far.
1) I take creatine, usn hyperbolic and soon be moving onto Lazernutrition bulk and bcaa (
Quote "Dan Cheung" as it will help with my referal and keep this blog going :)

Why do i take these? Because i want to bulk up and keep going until i have hit a comfortable weight then get lean. But i will never loose my abs i will keep doing them and eating clean.

2) Best? there is no best, there is only ones that work for you... but most of the time its down to diet supplements just enhances it and helps you get there quicker.

3) I've stated this a protein shake with High in carbs... to keep energy levels high ! Your daily protein intake is usually just about enough to heal your muscles including the protein shake. Once you get bigger then you need more protein... but thats a whole other discussion. But for now CARBS

4) Jack3d is selling really well with me so have a try out on that, a second one i reccomend is prework out supplement :)

5) Creatine... there is alot of different types. But mainly its just water weight to help you sustain more weight to push heavier!

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