Wednesday, 8 June 2011

quick update :)


Hey guys quick quick update :) ill make a better update soon later this week
sorry its been a while just had my birthday so a day to relax and plan out a good night out. Thanks to all who came :)

I will try get some photos soon of me and my friends that i train with just to let you guys see how hench they are haha. And a quick message to ya'll

I am working with a new company soon to be selling some new supplements so message me and ill get you some discount :)

been very tired lately and haven't been able to lift heavy and feeling lazy. quick tip is to just do a light warm up keep going keep sweating and the workout will get better and better :)

Quick plans
1) Passed 2 interviews to become a personal trainer, will be taking the course next year
2) become a fitness model
3) even though its summer season i am back on the bulk, my abs always stay anyway
4) Looking for a ginnie pig to transform soon and charge em like a 10ner p/h and just tell them everything i know and work my hardest with them to get the physique i want and make them part of my blog
5) one i hit 10,000 views i will start vlogging on youtube with a new camera :) and tips and videos of my workouts
6) alot of you are asking me question sorry if i am delayed in replying but i will get to you asap :) so just hold on tight haha

anyway see you all soon

heres a quick photo to get you all motivated :) made it myself its my background pic

and also a quick time lapse photo will upload later peace guys

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