Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Quick Update

Getting stronger 12/04/11.
This was a couple of weeks ago will have a new one soon
If you look my back is more defined than when I first started and compared to week 4
From this i Can tell i need to work on my laks, lower back and shoulders and a bit of triceps.

1st step of growth is to know where you need to work on.

I feel a hell of alot better with myself and i can't wait to reach my goal.

One thing that has helped me in getting my physique the most is pictures!!! People are always ashamed to take pictures. Look everyone starts somewhere take them and look at them, its you! Start off by realising what you need to work on.

For example when I first started the 1st thing I wanted to get bigger is arms, so when I was doing an Arm workout I would especially work harder because I know what I wanted.... as the other parts of my body weren't as bad. Once my arms where in proportion, I would look at myself again and see what else needed work on.

I still use this method today i find its the best way to come to reality and to know what to work on. I like taking things slowly take it one step at a time. I used to want to rush things, i wanted to get BIG real quick. But you know what ? I enjoy that it takes time, because when you get there you will appreciate it a hell of alot more.

Next one ill be uploading pictures of me and some workout pics.

But just some quick notes on my max weight im lifting.

Weighing at 74kg target to be 80-85

Chest :
Flat Dumbell Press :34kg each arm
Inclinded Bench: 60kg (Dumbell: 24kg)
Delinced Bench: 70kg
Incline Flies : 14kg
Cables: 18kg

Sitting EZ bar: 40kg
EZ bar doing 21's : 30kg
Hammers : 16kg
Superset: 20kg followed by 10kg

Rope down: 51kg
Wide grip pull down: 54 kg
Tricep dips: Can only do body weight (10 reps)
Concentrated grip pull down: 36kg

Pull ups: Only 6 reps body weight
Deadlift : 60kg
Sit row: 78kg
Dumbell row: 22kg each arm
seated laks: 40kg each arm
Pull down behind: 60kg
in front : 60kg

Squats: 130kg, (110kg deep)
leg press: 160kg
calves: 40kg
hamstrings: 30kg

Barbell shrug: 70kg
dumbell shurg: 22 kg each arm
barbell close grip pull up: 25kg

shoulder press:25kg (should be on 28 with help)
smith machine : 30kg each arm
front raise: 10kg
side raise: 6kg
cable raise: 9kg