Sunday, 23 September 2012


so hey guys!! i've decided to keep blogging again.

it seems that i have helped a few of you! its been good to know people acknowledge my effort into the blog haha! so i decided to put more devotion in this! My main aim for motivation and inspiration!

AND I WILL FORCE MYSELF to do youtube videos haha

but anyway here is my first 2 reposts for you all

'I learnt alot in this gloomy day today, how we all just sit by in what is. Life and time just ticks away second by second, your heart is beating one by one, you breathe one by one.... It's really about making the most of it! Controlling the time you use wisely, enjoying life till your hearts content, and making the moments that take your breathe away. Whilst there are people complaining, comparing or bragging, in that same time someone was working, bettering themself, and being the best they can be! Be modest, honest and give back. Being inspired is great, but to be honest, to inspire others is my goal.
 Love to all the people who support me rather than laugh at my dreams. ~~ I'll be the last to laugh....' - Daniel Cheung

'I'm trying to better myself everyday, learn my lesson, open my mind, be real to myself, do my best, be who I am and nothing else...
 I'm grateful for the strength the world has given me to rise up from my lows and to carry on living and writing my own life....' - Daniel Cheung

I've decided to do more compound movements in my workouts and what I do is do compound weeks every so often which consists of;

- Back Squat 
-Pull Ups
-Cleans (Presses)
-Any Chosen assistant exercise

With this, I now Squat 120kg, Deadlift 140kg, Bench 100kg, and Clean 40kg.

These are not my personal best but they are my personal best to be done all in one session! 

But either way don't let your ego get in the way just be who you are and do the best you can do.

If you have any questions ask me! I'm friendly and would love to know who actually reads this haha my FB, twitter email is all there! 

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See ya'll soon! <3