Sunday, 20 March 2011



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Our Motivations: a reason for you to keep going.

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have updated.
Just been busy for the past few months and everything seems to be progressing amazingly!
 I’ve been having a pretty tight schedual with studying Mech Eng, continuing weight training 4 times a week as well as trying to keep up with MMA 3 times a week as well as my cardio. I’ve just started coaching my 1st MMA lesson last week, thanks to my dear friend Achilleas.
First of all I want to let you all know that I will start to vlog soon and put them up on Youtube so hope you guys check it out and subscribe :)

Ill clean up my channel soon!

So I was going to talk about dietary and philosophy for a bit, but something has come to me.
And it is Motivation, lately I have lacked motivation... I don't know why or what has happened. Maybe it is because i have reached a comfortable weight. But this is not my goal so I shouldn't stop.
It's comfortable because:
-> I feel good and look good
-> I feel confident
-> I am noticed

This is a photo of me on a night out, where I look alot better and feel great!

I am having the best of days with my best friends, there is no other 3
 that are better friends than us haha we are just the brothers for life!

this is my secret friend =], my awesomeness friend who helps me 
set up this blog and supports me 100% behind what I do! 

You should remember that friends are ever so important as they help and support you on your journey in achieving your goals, no matter what it is. They keep the motivation and the spirit up inside of you.
But the problem is I need to remember the true reason why I am doing it; I want to hit a good weight to feel even more confident/ secure, get the 2nd take from people and people to say "how often you go gym" as their 1st question rather than, "do you go gym”. It is a big difference with such little detail... / Those Little things that can make a big difference.

When the will power is there, anything is achievable remember that.... Just make the reason and remember it! Do it for you and you achieve great power....

That's enough from me the update should be soon after my Video's are posted.
I will show my dietary, and training regime!

Oh and if you have time, take a minute or two to check this guy out, an absolute beast and inspiration!

Any questions just post below.