Friday, 10 June 2011

Quick Update


Here's a quick update!

I am now sponsored by
So if your near me I can get you it discounted as I now work for them. If you are further away please buy from this company and refer my name "Dan Cheung" it will help keep this blog going and keep the motivation for me and you :)!

So i promised ill upload some gym photos here are me and my friends!
and vids of us having fun at the gym!
Me Working hard

We mess around alot haha which gun is bigger ;) haha

Me and my friend in the gym haha both getting bigger

My mate who takes me to the gym, hes very strong! Hench


  1. looking mighty fine brother.......huhuhu

  2. thanks dude hope training is well with you

  3. very well much do you weight right now?

  4. I'm still about 74kg. I am a stage of defining and getting stronger. The weight will come within this month of going hk! Full Bulk! 1stone one month here we go!

  5. yeah buddy full bulk huhuhuhu huge .