Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hi all!

SO today was a bit of a failure day

but NOT TO BE BEATEN it was a lesson well learnt,

I also did very well on another excercise

so it was leg and shoulders today, and for those who are interested this was the workout

Squat 4-5 Sets
Deadlift 4 sets
Leg press - 4 sets
Glute machine where you lie face down and curl up with your legs - 3 sets
Shoulder press superset with side raises
Clean and press with front raises

and to finish superset of non stop abs.

But where i succeded was a 140kg deep squat and failed on 180kg.....

Yes i failed, but i am happy because i tried to attempt, attempt even when today was not a day where I am feeling great it was psychological problem, i tried my best thats all i can do and say

ITs all about giving it 100% i did and im fine with it, i will be able to push the weight and try harder next time.

on top i have an injury and broke my friends Dr. Dre beats not cool but i will fix up and fix his beats and MEND EVERYTHING AND BECOME THE BEAST THAT IS AWAITING ME!

I will not give up!


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