Friday, 17 June 2011


I know these updates are a bit short, but they are more frequent :D so hope it cancels out haha

But i've decided to let my abs go... Bad times haha, especially whilst im in hong kong its gona be hard to keep them with the diet so heavy. So my aim is to bulk, hopefully bulk 1 stone in a month then cut when im back!

I still am looking for a gym to join and keep my muscles moving and under tension. But that will be after japan :) because im gona take a week rest and hit japan during that week. when im back ill join ad gym and lift but not seriously or heavy just enough to keep the motion going and not to be completely out of it when im back at home.

Anyway next update is more about my holiday. Its more of a post to let you all know we all need a break sometime in our lives... no matter what it is. Even from the things you love... Unfortunately ha..

But hope you are all well! Stay motivated and become the best you can be, achieve further than your own belief and aim high <3

Peace all!

*p.s i am trying to get a modelling job ha.... lets see if i get one this year!

Hope you all have aims too, post a comment about your goals you wished to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. 1 this helps me see that you guys are trying, and 2 its a reference point for you to look at. and maybe look back on and think i finally did it :D!

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  1. you should still have abs with your metabolism. Just eat clean. Don't eat crap its not worth it.